Statements of Value

Inchaghe Investments values are the foundation for the corporate drive to excel.

Customer satisfaction is the top priority of every employee and the purpose of every job. Cost effective ongoing achievement of customer satisfaction is the foundation of the business.Strategies, goals, and objectives established to ensure consistent customer satisfaction, corporate financial health, and employee development and support, are clearly defined, communicated and understood.

The management believes in, promotes, and pursues throughout the organization. Excellence is expected in the quality and quantity of work done by every employee in every function, both of customers and our fellow employees. “Doing the job right the first time” is the dominant pattern of every activity. Initiative and ingenuity applied to the conduct of business and the resolution of problems are well encouraged and supported throughout the organization.The roles and responsibilities of every employee are clearly defined. Aggressive cooperative fulfillment on behalf of our customers and in support of Inchaghe Investments strategies and goals is valued and commendable.

Reward structures recognize contribution and achievement of results, which enhance customer satisfaction, improve cost effectiveness, and strengthen profitability. The results of living with the Inchaghe Investments statement of values are:

  • Quality service for our customers.
  • A rewarding work environment for our people.
  • Adequate return to our partners.