General Agents

Inchaghe Investments as a trade agent and broker acting on behalf of buyers or sellers in the wholesale distribution of goods and services for all local and International companies/organizations

Our Objectives

1. To help exporters/importers who want to sell/buy their products to/from Tanzania markets and arelooking for information to achieve their ends. For this objective in mind we have prepared a link called “Tanzania markets”

in this site containing a full list of Tanzania government agencies and institutions from where the marketing/purchasing and export/import related information of a product for the Tanzania markets can be obtained.

2. To introduce the availability of marketing/buying research and export/import intermediary services for those companies who are in need of assistance for their export/import businesses in the Tanzania markets. These services are not free. So it will be very much appreciated if the visitors of this site who only wants freetrade information related with the Tanzania markets contact with the government agencies, institutions listed in the above mentioned “Tanzania markets”

3. To promote the sell/buy product offers of Tanzania and International partner companies for the Tanzania and the regional markets based on a mutually agreed sale commission.

Whatever the purpose of your visit I hope you find it useful. Please don’t hesitate to contact us from the contact addresses provided in this site should you require any further information about our trade services.

If you are manufacturers’ of goods or services (International or Local) looking for representative/agents for Dar es salaam and Tanzania in general, Inchaghe can offer you that service please contact Inchaghe