Membership : Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (TCCIA).

Cargo Sourcing : Any cargo: Transit, Local, Individual, Project, International and Bulk.

Customers : Companies, Organizations, Individuals and Government Institutions.

Countries Serving : DR Congo, China, Japan, Zambia, Malawi, Uganda and Tanzania.

Associates : Namibia, Zambia, China, Indonesia and DR Congo.

Company – Brief History and Services:

Inchaghe Investments ltd was established in the United Republic of Tanzania in 2003 and become a limited company in 2006. As a private and independent company offering premier trailer services to and from Tanzania. Since its formation the company has built a reputation within the Industry for its professionalism, reliability and continuity of service.

In December 2006, after years of trading, the founding Directors enabled Inchaghe Investments ltd to enter fully into the world of Global logistical freight and related services, including Maritime Intermodal Services – Logistics and Supply and Chain Management – European Rail and Rail Distribution – Air Freight Consolidation and Forwarding – Trade Facilitation – Customs Broking and Consultancy through its own network of established working partners by all modes and methods of transportation.

Insurance services;

Being an agent for NICO Insurance ltd one of the most reputable insurance company in the country. We give consultations to insurance service and offer all types of Insurance from motor insurance to non-motor insurance etc,

Company Profile:

Currently in conjunction with Global network of working partners logistical freight services are operated to variable principle World Wide Destinations, Africa, Europe, Asia etc, and we are continuously introducing additional services and facilities to enhance and compliment our broad range of freight and ancillary services, further information please contact Inchaghe Investments Ltd

Industry Standards:

The Company are fully registered trading members of the Business Registration Agency (BRELLA) and as such, fully meets the Association’s criteria in relation to the adoption of the BRELLA Standard and Trading Conditions, Liability Insurance. Participation is also undertaken in the Associations, New Exporter Initiative Scheme, which provides companies entering the export market with professional help and advice.


IT Technology is fully embraced, therefore the Company enabling the Company to keep fully abreast of the changing needs of both Commerce and Industry and also enabling the company to meet the needs and requirements of most clients quickly and efficiently.

Terminal and Distribution Facilities:

Within the United Republic of Tanzania we can undertake all aspects of Warehousing, Distribution and its associated services, from break bulk, re-packing, labelling, and sorting to packing quickly, efficiently and competitively.

In addition a modern fleet of vehicles from small vans to 13.6 trailers operate from our various nominated Terminal facilities throughout Tanzania, East Africa and nearest Countries enabling us to service our clients both for collections and deliveries effectively and at the same time allowing us to meet the needs and requirements of the most discerning and demanding clientele.

We are also in the position to offer ERTS (Enhanced Remote Transit Shed) facilities at various establishments throughout the United Republic of Tanzania and East Africa for full load traffics, allowing non East African member states traffics to be cleared through Customs, meaning that cargo can proceed immediately upon arrival at ports to our terminals without the need to clear Customs Authorities at the port of entry.

Mission Statement:

It is the Company’s aim to ensure that our dedicated team of professionals strive to maintain the highest degree of service to meet each individual customer’s specific needs and requirements. Our professional staff will control the documentation flow and physical cargo movement of our customer’s consignments to ensure smooth handling from point of origination to destinations. We also demand the highest standards of efficiency in communications and customer care.

In need of business service…………………INCHAGHE is your answer