Camel Non-alcoholic beer


Non-Alcoholic Beer

Camel Non - Alcoholic

CAMEL non-alcoholic beer, bold flavor of non-alcoholic lager beer, with the taste of light bodied, the basic techniques used to craft this beer, result in effervescence crispy and refreshing product. The product is carefully filtered from the finest natural ingredients such as hops, malt, grains, rice, yeast, etc. we flexibly adjust the fomula to create beer suitable for you. It will definitely bring you a refreshing feeling in every sip

While just drinking CAMEL non-alcoholic, it can be good for weight loss if you are swapping your regular beers for non-alcoholic beers. A huge part of losing weight is consuming less calories than what you exert. If you consume more calories than what your body is burning daily, then you will gain weight. Alcoholic beer is bad for weight loss because it contains alcohol that has a lot of calories